Irisha or Italiano – McGarvey in Ireland – June 10, 2018

The Mcgarvey Family in Inishirrer Island and Derrybeg, Ireland.


Nappie and Connie McGarvey with family and neighbors.


Tombstone in Derrybeg

mcgarvey pics 03

Catherine (McGarvey) Dougherty’s brother in the white cap came to America in the 1970’s.

Hi Martin,
Attached are some photos from my recent trip to Donegal-
From Margaret

Carrick cnon fola

I think the hill in the background of your photo is Cnoc Fola – it’s the only hill in the Carrick / Derrybeg area that’s fairly close. The Derryveagh mountains (including Muckish) are miles away and have a very distinctive profile.
Photos below were taken in Carrick and show Cnoc Fola in the background.

Cnoc Fola from Carrick



View of the islands from Cnoc Fola; Inishirrer is the long narrow island closest to shore. Inishmeane is center left and Gola is in the background


View from Glassagh – Lough Aninver in the foreground with Inishirrer just offshore


Old St Mary’s church, Derrybeg _ where all our McGarvey ancestors were baptized and married. This church was the scene of a great flood in August 1880 – 5 people drowned at Mass including my great grandmother Grace McGarvey


View from Carrick


Margaret, I lost the email with the description of these two pictures.


A few pictures from Margaret


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Irisha or Italiano Blog – The Videos So Far – January 27, 2018


I just finished reviewing all the pictures and videos that were converted to YouYube videos. I’m in the process of adding links, other playlists and additional items that will help me get noticed on the internet and YouTube before February 20, 2018. I’ll show the Subscribe button that is in the videos that you need to click on for me to get from 300 Subscribers to over 1,000 Subscribers. It’s a requirement to stay alive in the search engines on YouTube and Google. Here is what you have to click on in the video and Subscribe.

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Okay, now back to the Irisha or Italiano Blog and using this blog to introduce the various categories that I split the Irisha or Italiano videos down into.

The Irisha or Italiano Blog Videos are as follows:

The Doherty (Dougherty) Family of Yorkville


Mary and Dominick Iacone in Valley Stream in 1937


Marie and Martin Dougherty Wedding in 1966 – No. o1

Marie and Martin Dougherty Wedding in 1966 – No. 02


Ryan and Thomas the Train

Ryan’s Monorail Toy Accident

Ryan’s Monorail Fun

Ryan’s First Achoo

An Achoo from Baby Ryan (Original)

Note: An Achoo from Baby Ryan was one of my original videos and uploaded while I had the prodigy email account. Prodigy has come and gone and I can’t have it switched because YouTube wants me to send them an email via prodigy so they can talk to me about switchign the videos on the old account????


The following are the videos labeled under Marie’s Recipes:

Chicken with Red Potatoes

Chicken Tenders

Curly Pasta Casserole

Stuffed Manicotti

Stephanie’s Chocolate Mousse Cheese Cake


And now for the Miscellaneous Videos:

Parrot at Pet Store Says I Love You

Epcot Light Show Around the Globe at Night

Water Synchronized to Music at Epcot

A Drone in Wellington, Florida

Boeing B-29 Superfortress Flying Over Wellington, Florida

Strong Winds with Hurricane Irma Rain Band


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Irisha or Italiano – The Iacone Early Years No. 03 – October 15, 2017

The third in a series of the Iacone Family Early Years in New York City No. 03.

It was pretty hard to break down these pictures into the Early Years but I tried to isolate most of the picturtes by the size of the children. I think I did about 50% because everytime I look at some of the pictures, I keep on switching what folder I put them in and switched again.. Finally, I gave up and left them as is and will try and make a comment on some of them.

Most of the pictures are purely guesses as to who they are. Others, I tried to get Marie to sit still long enough to ID them but for the most, I took a quick guess if I had a general idea.

The top row, from left to right are Mary Vitrano, next picture Grandma Vitrano, Lil Marie and I believe Paulie Inzanti with?

The threesome picture is Grandma Vitrano, Lil Marie? and Dominick Iacone.

Middle scene on the stoop is Grandma Marietta on their family building. Mary Iacone and Lil Marie who is no longer little.

Two women holding lil Marie Iacone are Dolores Vitrano and Josephine Roth.

Bottom stoop scene is the Inzantis, Sam and Josephine on the right and Mary Iacone on the left. The two boys I believe are the Inzanti boys.

I believe the kitchen picture could be the kitchen of Mary and Dick’s apartment on Catherine Street in New York City.

The class picture is Marie’s class at St. Jospeh’s School downtowm.

I should call this the Lil Marie Iacone page.


That covers the third in a series of the Iacone family No. 03.


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Irisha or Italiano – August 27, 2017

Another quick blog to set and get back to organizing all these blog under one greendougherty.Blog for future use. This is for my Irisha or Italiano blog to catch a lot of the stories that would have been lost to history.

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Master Blog Index for Irisha or Italiano


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Irisha and Italiano – The McGarvey Family

The McGarvey Family – Children of Connell and Nappie McGarvey

Here are a few of the McGarvey family, the siblings of Katie McGarvey while living in Ireland.


I know the family started on Inisherrer Island. I believe it may be the top circle. They lived in Derrybeg, Ireland which is in the area of the 2nd circle.


The Census of Ireland from 1911 shows Kate was 11 years old in 1911


The grave stone for the McGarvey family in Derrybeg, Ireland showing Connell and ‘Nappie” Annabelle McGarvey, my grand parents.


The McGarvey house on Derrybeg and I believe that is Grandma ‘Nappie” Annabelle (McSweeney) McGarvey and that the old man in the middle might be my grandfather, Connell McGarvey. Also, from the grave stone, it lists a Catherine McGarvey as his sister who died in 1942.

From notes that I had from years ago from my mother, here is the list of siblings from the McGarvey family:

  • Patrick McGarvey
  • Mary McGarvey Sullivan?
  • Kathleen McGarvey Dougherty
  • Hugh McGarvey
  • Eddie McGarvey
  • Phil McGarvey
  • Jimmy McGarvey
  • Fannie (Day Old) – Grace on Grave Stone


Katie McGarvey


Kate’s Immigration I D Card


Hugh McGarvey, Unknown McGarvey and Carney McFadden on Innishirrer island in 1933. O’m assuming that these are the names from left to right at the moment.


This is what is written on the back of the picture with the three men in the picture.


If memory is right, this is a picture of Phil McGarvey in Ireland and was one who visited Kate McGarvey Dougherty at 324 East 85th Street in Manhattan back in the late 1960-70’s

For now, that is all I have as the pictures of the McGarvey. I’ll search for some more and update this page as I come upon a new picture.


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Irisha or Italiano – The Old Neighborhood in Little Italy – January 20, 2017

Irisha or Italiano – The Old Neighborhood in Little Italy – January 19, 2017

This is for the little ones that one day might want to know where their relatives came form when they live din new York City and in the neighborhood called Little Italy. I’ve been collecting pictures from the streets that I recall from hearing the Italian side of the family every so often and collected quite a few from the net.


15 Catheine Street


52-50 Madison Street, one building west of Oliver in 1950 just before being razed for the Smith Houses


78 Catherine Street


123 Madison Street


174-178 Cherry Street 1932


180 & 182 South Street and 10 Catherine Slip under construction from a window in 20 Catherine Slip 1948-1949


Auto Carousel, Lower East Side at Cherry and Rutgers Streets


Carlo Gambino


Catherine Street


Doyer Street – 1906


Elizabeth Street – 1912


Hebrew District – Lower East Side


Henry Street on January 20, 2016


Manhattan Special


Mulberry Street in New York City


Marty Dougherty #areyouitalianpaisan


Irisha and Italiano – Marie Pasta Pictures

Marie Pasta Pictures

Just looked at a few pictures of Marie’s Pasta Meals over the past few years and will share a few. I’ll try and get the correct name and make a comment or two about each picture. Enjoy. We did.


Lentils and macaroni


Baked Pasta with Ricotta and Heavy Cream


Rigatoni with Spinach and Tomatoes


Seafood Platter of Linguine Pasta with Shrimp and Tomatoes


Baked Pasta with Zuchini


Ragatoni Pasta cooked in a frying pan. Its fast and easy.


Ricotta, Mozzerella and Prmesan Cheese wih Rigatoni Pasta


Left Over Rigatoni Linguine Pasta 


Large Cheese Raviolis with Tomato Sauce


Baked Angel Hair Spaghetti Pasta Pie with Eggs, Ricotta, Heavy Cream, Mozzerella and Parmesan Cheese baked in an oven for thirty minutes at 350 degrees or until golden brown.


Another story or recipe from the Irisha and Italiano Blog

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