Reach Out And Touch Someone – June 29, 2018

While working on my videos, I was listening to the darlings on TV and started to put this together for those of you that want to reach out and touch someone in Washington, D.C.

Last Name Represents Affiliation Born Age
Chaffetz, Jason R-Utah Rep 67
Cicilline, David D-RI Rep 1961 56
Coffman, Mike R-Col Rep 1955 63
Coons, Chris D-DEL Sen 1963
Cramer, Kevin R-ND Rep 1961
Deutsch, Ted D-FL Rep 1952 65
Goodlatte, Bob R- Rep
Gowdy, Trey R-
Issa, Darrell R-Calif Rep 1953 64
Johnson, Hank D-GA Rep 1954 63
Johnson, Ron R-WIS Sen 1955 63
Jordan, Jim R-Ohio Rep
Krishnamoorthi, Raja D-Ill Rep 1973 44
Lankford, James R-OK Sen
Meadows, Mark R-NC Sen 1959 58
Meeks, Gregory D-NY Rep 1953
Nadler, Jerrold D-NY Rep 1947 71
Pittenger, Robert R-NC Rep 1948 70
Ratcliffe, John R-Tex Rep 1965 52
Speir, Jackie D-Calif Rep

If you know of a name to add to this listing, pls let me know. I’m doing this on an Excel spreadsheet and copying and pasting it on a Word Press program and it doesn’t translate so I had to delete a few columns.

Now, Let’s see if this works.

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