Irisha or Italiano Blog – The Videos So Far – January 27, 2018


I just finished reviewing all the pictures and videos that were converted to YouYube videos. I’m in the process of adding links, other playlists and additional items that will help me get noticed on the internet and YouTube before February 20, 2018. I’ll show the Subscribe button that is in the videos that you need to click on for me to get from 300 Subscribers to over 1,000 Subscribers. It’s a requirement to stay alive in the search engines on YouTube and Google. Here is what you have to click on in the video and Subscribe.

Subscribe Icon on YouTube Videos

The circular icon above with the palm trees (with the red circle) is the icon that you need to click on for you to become a Subscriber. It doesn’t cost you a penny. You become a Subscriber to Martin Dougherty (greendougherty) YouTube videos.

Okay, now back to the Irisha or Italiano Blog and using this blog to introduce the various categories that I split the Irisha or Italiano videos down into.

The Irisha or Italiano Blog Videos are as follows:

The Doherty (Dougherty) Family of Yorkville


Mary and Dominick Iacone in Valley Stream in 1937


Marie and Martin Dougherty Wedding in 1966 – No. o1

Marie and Martin Dougherty Wedding in 1966 – No. 02


Ryan and Thomas the Train

Ryan’s Monorail Toy Accident

Ryan’s Monorail Fun

Ryan’s First Achoo

An Achoo from Baby Ryan (Original)

Note: An Achoo from Baby Ryan was one of my original videos and uploaded while I had the prodigy email account. Prodigy has come and gone and I can’t have it switched because YouTube wants me to send them an email via prodigy so they can talk to me about switchign the videos on the old account????


The following are the videos labeled under Marie’s Recipes:

Chicken with Red Potatoes

Chicken Tenders

Curly Pasta Casserole

Stuffed Manicotti

Stephanie’s Chocolate Mousse Cheese Cake


And now for the Miscellaneous Videos:

Parrot at Pet Store Says I Love You

Epcot Light Show Around the Globe at Night

Water Synchronized to Music at Epcot

A Drone in Wellington, Florida

Boeing B-29 Superfortress Flying Over Wellington, Florida

Strong Winds with Hurricane Irma Rain Band


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