Irisha or Italiano – The Iacone Family – Children (Daughters), Relatives, Etc. No 12 – October 16, 2017

No. 12 will take care of the children of the Carmelo and Marietta (LaChetta) Iacone. This will be a long page because I’ll add all of the family that I know of and specify by name in a small collage of sorts and add other relatives, friends, and a few other pictures that I came across that lacked identification but were part of the picture collection.

The first row has a picture of the Inzanti boys. The people in the picture, from left to right, are: Jeanne and Sonny Inzanti, Dominick and Mary Iacone, and Paulie Inzanti. Both Paulie and Sonny lived near each other in Howard Beach. Sonny and Jeanne moved to South Florida and his call to fame was selling his house in Howard Beach to John Gotti.

The above set of pictures are related to one of the daughters, Josephine Iacone, who was married to Sammy Inzanti and had two children, Paulie and Sonny Inzanti. When I knew Sonny Inzanti, he drove a taxi cab in New York City. His brother, Paulie Inzanti, worked in the construction trades. Paulie was an avid hunter and was on Argosy magazine covers a few times from the animals that he hunted all over the world.

Sonny Inzanti and Jeannie Inzanti had one girl, pictured above. Paulie and Paulette had a boy and a girl called Paul and Paulette.

millie n dom 100

Millie (Iacone) and Dominick Carracciola. Both Millie and Dom worked in the flower industry on the west side of Manhattan. No children.

Santa (Iacone) and Jimmy DeFillippo

Jenny Iacone, the youngest girl of the Iacones was killed while running across the street on a school outing.


That covers the Daughters of Carmelo and Marietta (laChetta) Iacone.


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