Irisha or Italiano – The Iacone Family – The Long Beach Years No. 07 – October 15, 2017

The Long Beach, New York years were relatively easy to deal with because this is the era when I came into the family. Most of the pictures represented below are primarily the Iacone family. All these pictures were taken while the family lived at 28 Tennessee Avenue in Long Beach, New York.

The home was literally six houses away from the Atlantic Ocean. after Labor Day weekend, the streets were empty for the rest of the year. On a winter’s night, the winds would howl when a Nor’Easter storm came in. The eaves of the wood frame house would howl in the winds.

dominick and christopher

Dominick Iacone holding his grandson, Christopher Dougherty

dominick iacone

Dominick Iacone sitting at the bar in Long Beach, NY

Dominick Carracciola (sitting) John Iacone (standing) my mother (sitting) Katie Dougherty and Lucy Iacone

Dominick Carracciola (sitting), Grandma Katie Dougherty – my mother, John Iacone (Standing) and his wife, Lucy

Dominick Iacone and Dolores (Manghise) Vitrano at 28 Tennessee Ave in 1960

Dominick Iacone and his sister-in-law, Dolores Vitrano

Dominick Iaone at Long Beach, NY

Dominick Iacone

mary iacone

Grandma Mary Iacone having a quiet moment

mary iacone

Grandma Iacone performing her cooking magic

susan trozzo

Grandma Dolores Vitrano, Susan Iacone, Susan’s mother and Grandma Iacone.

family pictures

Grandma Vitrano holding a twin, James and Susan Iacone and Marty Dougherty (that’s me).

james and roseann iacone

The Iacone Twins, James and Roseann Iacone.

James Iacone and Susan (Trozzo) Iacone

James and Susan Iacone

Joe Iacone and Nettei (Tessario) in Long Beach, NY

Joe and Nettie Iacone lived on Mulberry Street when I first came into the family. I was invited to their home on Mulberry Street and the meal of the day was Manicotti baked in one of those old-fashioned ovens. It was a huge kitchen and had a huge kitchen table where all the

Marie’s family and Joe and Nettie Iacone’s family could sit down and eat. On that day, I believe that I ate about ten+ manicotti…they were so delicious and she was a great cook.

Joe Iacone, Mary (Hidden) and Santa (Iacone) DeFillippo

Joe Iacone, Mary Iacone and Santa (Iiacone) DefIllippo.

Josephine (Vitrano) Roth at long Beach, NY

Josephine (Vitrano) Roth at Long Beach, NY. Josephine had a great sense of humor and I used to drive her crazy by squeezing her lower jaw and she would yell at me and say….”get away you crazy bastard”. We all missed that sweet Aunt Josephine.

Lil James Iacone in Long Beach, NY

One of the twins…looks like Roseann Iacone.

Long Beach in the 1970's with Marie, Marty, Forget and Mary Iacone

Marie and Marty Dougherty, forget name (Tootsie’s daughter) and Mary Iacone

Marty's Snowman with Christopher and his friends in 1970's

Largest snowman in Long Beach, NY with Christopher Dougherty, Michael Franceschini, and friend Sal.

mary iacone

Mary Iacone

Mary Iacone holding Christopher Dougherty

Mary Iacone

Mary Iacone, Millie (Iacone) Carracciola) and Dominick Carracciola and Santa (Iacone) DeFillippo (Back)

Mary Iacone, Millie and Dominick Carracciola and Santa Iacone (Back to camera)

mary iacone

Mary Iacone

mary iacone

A Birthday Party – Twins

Red Rose DiChiara friend from Little Italy

Rose DiChiara

dominick iacone

Dominick Iacone

The Iacone and Vitrano girls in Long Beach, NY

Top Row: Dominick Carracciola, Millie Caracciolla and Dominiock Iaone. Second Row: Marty and Marie (Iacone) Dougherty, hand on Jospehine  (Vitrano) Roth, Mary Iacone and Lucy Iacone (Johnny’s wife).


That covers the next set of pictures of the Iacone family.


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