Irisha or Italiano – The Iacone Family – The Early Years No. 01 – October 14, 2017

This is an exercise in separating several hundred pictures of the Iacone family that have been in the family for years. I originally scanned the pictures years ago but have never attempted to organize the pictures. At the moment, I’m separating the pictures into time periods and location that the family had over the years.

This first blog on the picture will deal primarily with the early years that the Iacone family had in New York City and emigrated from Ragusa, Sicily. I don’t have the exact location in New York City at the moment and have labeled all the old pictures as New York City. There are several pictures in this category and I’ll label this part of the collection Early Years with this one being No. 01.

Carmelo Iacone 3

Carmelo Iacone

Carmelo Iacone Funeral

Josephine (Iacone) Inzanti, Millie (Iacone) Carracciola and Marietta (LaChetta) Iacone (sitting). Funeral for Carmelo Iacone.

Carmelo Iacone Grandpa

Carmelo Iacone with Jimmy Iacone. I haven’t been able to identify this young boy but I believe it to be his son, Jimmy Iacone

Dominick Iacone 1

Dominick Iacone. This picture strikes a bell as possibly the time period when Dominick did a few magazine pieces, see other pictures from magazines, that were used in a detective magazine.

Dominick Iacone 2

Dominick Iacone. This picture might be from the early days of his parking lot on Henry Street.

Dominick Iacone 3

Dominick Iacone

Dominick with Mary holding Lil Marie

Dominick in the background with Mary holding lil Marie. This picture must have been right after they got married and had lil Marie and it looks like some of the friends that they hung around with in the old days.

domref106 to 018

Unknown man holding the baby but I seem to recall that Dominick had a bar back in the early days in Brooklyn, New York and this might be a picture of the bar. Back in the day, they did contracts on the back of a matchbook cover.


Unknown man.


Unknown Lady.




Get baby’s name




Unknown Boy.


Unknown Girls.

domwed022 150

Mary Vitrano is in this wedding party.

Garden Shots 029 (640x429)

Iacone family at the Casolino Wedding. On the right-hand portion of this wedding picture, are most of the Iacone brothers and sisters.

Grandma Iacone 5

Grandma Marietta (LaChetta) IaconeCarmelo’s wife.

Iacone Family at Casolino Wedding 1953

Picture of the Casolino Wedding with most of the Iacone family sitting in the front on this wedding picture.

Iacone Girls (Wives)

Iacone, Tessare and Vitrano’s Girls

Lil Marie in Carriage

Lil Marie Iacone with

Mary Iacone and Lil Marie Iacone

Mary and Lil Marie Iacone

Santa (Iacone) and Jimmy DeFillippo Wedding

Santa (Iacone) and Jimmy DeFillippo Wedding

Unknown Portrait

Unknown Man and boy


Unknown Young Girl


That covers the first set of pictures of the Iacone family.


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